ARENA was created in 2016 by a group of escape game owners who wanted to help
other insiders as well as the collective industry. While we are focused on benefiting
members’ visibility, certifications and insurance, we also want to highlight some
other benefits for members of our association. In the United States, non-profit
associations—as defined by IRS Section 501(c)(6)—are extremely popular as industry
trade groups for a number of reasons:


·Eliminates taxes (non-taxable)
·Allows for lobbying
·Promotes networking
·Acts as a repository for industry expertise
·Discounts purchases for niche fields based on economies of scale
·Finally, an association like ARENA is designed to carry on much longer than any one individual or escape game company

ARENA perpetually reflects our collective escape game selves.


Learn more about ARENA by clicking HERE or call us at 405.543.7733.