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About Secure Play

The Secure Play designation is all about consumer protections; it has nothing to do with the quality or type of gameplay offered by a location. In a nutshell, escape game customers should feel physically safe playing at these locations and financially safe paying for them online.


Secure Play locations have invested in an onsite physical inspection from an expert trained in life safety. As a baseline, these loss control specialists use life safety principles taught by OSHA, the American National Standards Institute, Underwriters Laboratories and the National Fire Protection Association. To learn more about these principles, watch safety videos on this NFPA webpage. The loss control experts contracted by Secure Play locations have spent hundreds of hours studying all aspects of life safety and—unlike municipal inspectors who may be overworked and underfunded—are privately employed. These locations have paid these loss control companies to inspect their facilities with their customers’ safety in mind. While onsite, the specialists also consult with leaders/managers to teach them best practices regarding life safety.


Secure Play locations also have invested in impressive cyber protections to ensure that consumers’ personally identifiable information (credit card and social security numbers, PINs, etc.) is safe when transacting business with them—both online and onsite. Further, Secure Play designated escape game locations have purchased customized insurance policies that protect customers in case of a data breach. No one likes giving credit card information to strangers; but customers can feel secure when transacting business with Secure Play designated escape games thanks to a rigorous vetting process by ARENA.