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Insurance FAQs

What info do I need to complete the application?

The application is designed for escape room owner/operators to answer without having to look up information. You may well have all the answers in your head. There is one area that might require some research. If your building is over 20-years old, you’ll need dates for when each of the HVAC, plumbing, electrical and roof were last completely updated.

What type of insurance is this?

Traditional commercial property and casualty (e.g., workers’ compensation, general liability, auto, etc.).

Why is it less expensive?

It all comes down to rates. The founders of ARENA disputed the extremely high and inappropriate rating classes set on escape rooms by the insurance industry beginning circa 2013. After winning a legal battle in 2016, the founders partnered up with a national insurance carrier (rated A (Excellent) by AM Best) to sell our lower rates to escape rooms across the United States.

I’d rather use my current agent. Can s/he get my rates adjusted on my current policies to match the rates on this ARENA-endorsed insurance program?

Good luck with that.

Is the coverage better or worse than my current policy?

It is likely better. Virtually all escape room companies are considered small business by insurance carriers. As such, there are not enough premium dollars to justify a busy underwriter taking the time to really review inherent risks (or, lack thereof). Further, escape rooms in the U.S. are—by insurance standards—too new to establish actuarial loss expectations. Adding those two factors together (small + new) equals the typical cavalcade of restrictions and exclusions that underwriters use to protect themselves from losses. That is what should be expected when using insurers that don’t specialize in this field. Our carrier partner took the time to understand the industry because it sees the value in working with a trade association like ARENA—we have created the mass required to generate adequate premium dollars for thoughtful review. The ARENA-endorsed program uses the universal ISO coverages without exclusions (with rare exceptions, which will always be made clear to our members). For more on this, watch the 95-second “Classifications” No Sales Pitch Insurance Video explanation by going to our Home page, then choose “NSPIV” under “Insurance.”

Does ARENA sell this insurance?

No. ARENA is not a licensed insurance agent/broker. ARENA endorses the program which was put together by Daryl Davis, one of ARENA’s founders. Daryl’s company, NetGain Resources, is the licensed agent/broker. NetGain Resources is in charge of all aspects of the insurance program.

Is the coverage truly nationwide?

Almost. Workers’ compensation is available in all but six states: AK and HI are outside of the program, as well as the four monopolistic states of ND, OH, WA and WY. General liability is usually available in some form throughout all 50 states, but any property coverage is unlikely w/in 75 miles of the Gulf Coast, as well as within a few miles of the East Coast. Outside of that limited geography, our money back guarantee still applies.