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Money-in-your-pocket Guarantee

Offer Good Through 12/31/18 for Any Escape Room Owner in the U.S.

To simplify, let’s start this money discussion by ignoring insurance and our guarantee: If you join ARENA without quoting the insurance then the below guarantee doesn’t apply and your annual dues are $200.

Next, let’s address those escape game owners with multiple locations: membership dues apply on a company basis not a location basis. So if you own one location or 20, your membership dues are the same.

Membership Cost with Insurance

The ARENA-endorsed property and casualty insurance program (P&C Program) is only available to ARENA members and only available in the United States.

ARENA is so confident in our P&C Program that we guarantee new members who take advantage of it will actually put money in their pocket on day one of joining.

Our money-in-your-pocket guarantee is simple math: inclusive of the first-year membership dues for ARENA, you’ll save money—net—buying the P&C Program as opposed to just sticking with your current insurance program. Stated differently, if you take your current workers’ compensation cost PLUS your general liability cost PLUS your property cost (if any), our P&C Program cost PLUS the $200 dues will be less. Stated a third way: if X = cost of your current insurance program, Y = cost of P&C Program and Z = $200 ARENA membership dues, then we guarantee that ARENA’s Y+Z will be less than your current X. If we fail to deliver, we will waive your first-year membership dues and you can reap the other important benefits ARENA affords its members.[i] As of October 2018, we have never failed to deliver on that guarantee to escape room owners around the country; and our experience is that the savings are quite substantial (from 30%-80% discounts). We have plenty of referrals available at your request.

We hope this makes sense but if you have any questions just email them to daryl.davis@escapegamesamerica.org.

[i] To verify the cost of your in-place insurance, simply show us the declaration page(s) from your policy(ies)—of course, that verification can be performed after we provide our quote(s). If you don’t have GL and/or WC policies, then the comparison will be against what your insurance would cost you from a typical agent quoting typical policies with a typical carrier. If you are able to show us a bindable quote where X is less than Y+Z, then we’ll waive your first-year membership dues and you can either buy the P&C Program or not.